PHM Webinar: Defending and Strengthening Public Health Systems – Sunday 8 March @ 19h UCT time

Invitation to join the PHM Webinar on


Sunday 8 March 2015 @19h UCT Time

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We would like to invite you to attend our webinar on “Defending and Strengthening Public Health Systems” held on Sunday 8 March at 19h UCT – please see below for logistics.

This webinar is organised in the light of PHM’s participation in the World Social Forum taking place in Tunis from 24 to 28 March 2015. PHM is organising three webinars on the following topics:

Globalization and global governance for health – 1 March 2015 @ 19h UCT
Defending and strengthening public health systems – 8 March 2015 @19h UCT
Trade and health
Logistics for the public webinar on
“Defending and Strengthening Public Health Systems“

Date and Time: Sunday 8 March, 2015 at 19:00 UTC (click here to check your timezone)

Presenters and discussants: PHM speakers from South Africa (Prof David Sanders), PHM Italy (Ilaria Camplone), PHM Palestine (Aed Yaghi) and PHM Tunisia (to be confirmed)

Issues to be discussed:

What shapes Health Systems?
What was the impact of SAP’s on health systems in developing countries?
What happened to the Welfare state in Europe and how were health systems affected?
What does PHM do?
How to strengthen PHM relevant actions?
Chair: Dr Hani Serag
Moderators: Anneleen De Keukelaere + Susana Barria


Please look at this video to know how to participate in the webinar

Once you are on the webinar webpage, please click: ATTEND MEETING.
Please be in the classroom 10 minutes before the session starts
If you are asked for a password or username, please click CANCEL and continue.
If you have any problems accessing the webpage, you can contact Hani and Anneleen via Skype on:

Hani: hserag and
Anneleen: anneleen.de.keukelaere
Please use text on skype and do not use skype voice call during the webinar.

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